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    Thank you for applying for 2019 Washington Mystics Season Credentials. Please complete the form below and await your confirmation email. If you have any questions, please contact the Washington Mystics communications department at: kcolimon@monumentalsports.com.

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      Washington Mystics
      This credential is issued for the sole purpose of providing arena/venue access to an individual (“Bearer”) who is working on an assignment for a legitimate news organization or an authorized provider of game-related services (as employee or agent) in connection with the 2019 Women’s National Basketball Association (“WNBA”) pre-season and regular season home games of the [Washington Mystics], as well as the playoff home games (first two rounds only) specified on the front of this credential, if any, of the [Washington Mystics] (each, a “Game” and collectively, the “Games”), and the events, activities, and interviews relating to such Games or otherwise conducted by the [Washington Mystics] (each, an “Event” and collectively, the “Events”), and Bearer hereby represents that he or she is attending each Game/Event solely for such purpose. This credential is non-transferable, and any unauthorized use of this credential or violation of its terms may subject Bearer and/or the assigning news organization to ejection from the arena/venue, revocation of the credential, denial of access to WNBA arenas/venues in the future, prosecution for civil or criminal trespass, and any other remedies available under law.
      Unless expressly authorized in writing by the WNBA, the use, distribution, exhibition, reproduction, adaptation, display, performance or publication in any form of any photograph, drawing, account (whether text, data or visual) or description of any Game/Event or any excerpt of any Game/Event, taken or made by Bearer or his or her assigning news organization shall be limited to news coverage of that Game/Event by the assigning news organization to which this credential is issued.
      Neither Bearer nor his or her assigning news organization shall be permitted to record, transmit, use or distribute any film, video or audio of any Game/Event (or any excerpts thereof), including but not limited to on a live streaming basis or in a high-speed sequential manner (e.g., animated .GIFs) so as to approximate video; provided, however, that if the assigning news organization has been authorized by the WNBA to record, transmit or use film, video or audio excerpts of a Game/Event pursuant to the WNBA’s 2019 Video and Audio Highlights License (the “Highlights License”) or by separate written authorization from the WNBA, it may do so in accordance with the terms of the Highlights License or such separate written authorization.
      All ownership, copyright and property rights in each Game/Event (including, without limitation, the statistics thereof) and in any telecast, broadcast, transmission or recording thereof shall remain the sole property of the WNBA, and no such rights are conferred to or intended to be conferred to, or created on behalf of, Bearer or any other person or entity by the issuance of this credential.
      Bearer and his or her employer or assigning news organization: (i) assume all risk incident to the performance of services by Bearer and assume all risk incident to Bearer’s attendance at the Games/Events, in each case, howsoever caused, whether by negligence or otherwise; (ii) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the WNBA, its teams, and their respective affiliates, agents and employees from and against all liability, loss, damage or expense resulting from or arising out of (x) Bearer’s presence at the arena/venue, (y) Bearer’s acts or omissions and (z) the presence at the arena/venue of any cameras, wires, cabling or other equipment brought on the premises or used by Bearer; and (iii) grant permission to the WNBA, its affiliates and their respective designees to utilize without compensation Bearer’s image, likeness and/or voice in any photograph or live or recorded video or audio display or other transmission or reproduction of any Game/Event or in any excerpt thereof.
      The WNBA or its designee may at any time revoke this credential and/or any of the rights granted hereunder for any reason in its sole discretion. In case of any dispute regarding the terms and conditions of this agreement, New York law will apply (without regard to its choice-of-law principles).
      Acceptance of this credential constitutes agreement by Bearer and his or her employer or assigning news organization to abide by the (i) foregoing conditions, (ii) conditions on reporting and transmitting updates regarding games in progress that are displayed in the arena/venue and (iii) WNBA Policy for Online Use by Media which can be found at mediacentral.nba.com.
      No autographs are allowed during media access periods. Copying, duplicating or otherwise reproducing or distributing this credential or its image in any manner, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.


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