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Credential terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions governing use of this NFL credential are set forth in the Credential Use Conditions, which are available at https://nflcommunications.com/documents/credentials.pdf and incorporated herein by reference. Byaccepting this credential, you acknowledge that you have read and are bound by the terms and conditions set forth inthe Credential Use Conditions. Additionally, by accepting this credential, you hereby waive and release Pro-Football,Inc., (the "Washington Football Team"), WFI Stadium, Inc. ("FedExField"), the NFL, and each of their respectiveowners, parents, affiliates, employees, sponsors, vendors, and agents (collectively, the "WFT Parties"), from any andall claims, liabilities, loss, damage, expense, or cause of action whatsoever, known and unknown, arising out of or inany way related to the use or issuance of this credential or your presence in and around FedExField, including but notlimited to all claims related to the negligence of the WFT Parties. You also acknowledge and agree to comply with allapplicable policies of the Washington Football Team and FedExField, including, without limitation, the FedExFieldCode of Conduct and any other conduct policies, any security policies, and any health and safety policies andassessments. The Washington Football Team and/or FedExField reserves the right to deny admission or eject anyperson who the Washington Football Team and/or FedExField, in its sole discretion, determines poses a risk to thehealth and safety of other attendees and/or whose conduct violates the Credential Use Conditions or the FedExFieldCode of Conduct. You agree that you and/or your belongings may be searched upon entry into FedExField and youconsent to such searches and waive any claims that you might have against the WFT Parties in connection therewith.If you fail to consent to such searches, it is agreed and understood that you will be denied access to FedExField. Youacknowledge thatany failure to comply with any of these terms or any and all security measures may (in the solediscretion of the Washington Football Team or FedExField) subject you to ejection from FedExField, revocation ofcredentials for future games and events, and/or prosecution. By accepting this credential, you acknowledge that youvoluntarily assume all risks, hazards, and dangers incident to the applicable game or event and any related events,including the risk of personal injury (including death), the risk of exposure to communicable diseases, viruses,bacteria, or illnesses or the cause thereof, sickness, or lost, stolen, or damaged property, whether occurring before,during or after the game or event, however caused, and hereby waive all claims and potential claims related to suchrisks, hazards, and dangers.

I accept the Washington Football's Terms & Conditions