Anthony Gregg

Creative Concept Director

I grew up in the Great Black Swamp of NW Ohio, where country cruising, skateboarding and bowling was of the norm. My family has run a small bakery (John’s Donut Shop) for over 30 years which generated a lot of hard work and laughter into my bones. Did I mention that I am probably at the Lanes!


Random Tidbits:
• I love toast
• I’m slightly jealous of chest hair
• I work out to improve my bowling game
• Everything should come with a side of country gravy
• I’ve contemplated using bowling grease with a hint of bavarian cream to style my hair
• Ambidextrous
• Dig the rain
• Sonics to Sepultura to Sammy Davis Dr.
• Favorite spot: Astoria and the Oregon Coast
• My wife is addicted to whistle-berry paste and is known around town as Barbra Burpie
• My dogs are an out of control, sweet, awesome sauce of a good time
• Seattle Days: Art School, Stonefly, Mortar House, Zoo Bomb, Top Secret, 77 Ford Maverick with no brakes, $800 and a one way U haul to Reno

Cube has been a big part of my professional career. From pre-press to art director and everything in-between. Cube’s awesomeness is the very reason why I take pride in my work.