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Credential Request Form - Event Daily Request

This form is to be used for all Game Day credential requests for the 2023/2024 NBA and NHL Season for Crypto.com Arena Access.

Please fill out this form in its' entirety. Failure to fill out every box will result in your credential not being approved.

Requesters Information
Credential Request

Please select the access zone you require:

Notice of Credential Use Conditions


This credential (the "Credential") has been issued by L.A. Arena Company, LLC ("LAAC") for the sole purpose of providing access to Crypto.com Arena and its various facilities (collectively, the "Arena") to an individual with a legitimate working function on behalf of LAAC (the "Holder"), subject to the following conditions:

This Credential is restricted to the Holder's personal use and is non-transferable. The Credential may be revoked at any time by LAAC and will automatically terminate if any term herein is breached. Further, LAAC reserves the right in its sole discretion to change access to any Credential for selected areas of the Arena as needed.

Holder grants LAAC, Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc., and each of their respective designees (collectively, the "Arena Parties") permission to record Holder's image, name, voice, likeness, actions, and/or statements in any image, footage, or display, whether live or recorded, which may be taken at the Arena and/or during any event or game taking place at the Arena, and to the use of same by such Arena Parties, for any purpose (including advertising or promotional purposes), and in any media now known or subsequently developed without additional compensation.

Any (i) unauthorized transmission, recording, picture, or other depiction or description of any game or event taking place at the Arena or any information regarding such game or event; (ii) player or artist interview; or (iii) any other Arena activity not expressly authorized in advance is prohibited without the prior written approval of LAAC. Holder is also strictly prohibited from posting, sharing, transmitting, publishing, or otherwise distributing, including on social media or other digital platforms, images and/or copies of this Credential, in whole or in part.

Credential is for use solely in connection with Holder's working function on behalf of LAAC. While within the Arena, Holder shall be subject to the policies and procedures of the Arena.

By accepting this Credential, Holder hereby agrees to adhere to any code of conduct the Arena may have and acknowledges that any failure to comply with these terms or any and all security measures shall subject Holder to ejection from the Arena, possible revocation of Credentials for future events, and/or prosecution. Acceptance of this Credential constitutes agreement by the Holder to the foregoing conditions.

I accept Crypto.com Arena's venue request policy for credential access.