Cube offers a wide variety of custom laminates for any event or tour. Laminate credentials include: standard, holographic, platinum, phantom and kimcut. All of our laminates can include anti-counterfeiting and security features. Some more than others, but each one can have something to help your security team.

Additional Options Available:

  • Foiling (Hundreds of colors available)
  • UV Ink
  • Variable data (Names, Numbering, Bar Codes)
  • RFID & NFC Chips
  • Any idea you come up with can certainly be discussed.

Standard Laminate

Don’t let the name fool you! These laminates are anything but generic. High quality 10 mil plastic, beautifully seals in vibrant full-color artwork to create a gorgeous, yet functional security credentials for all of your tour staff, friends, family and clients. Customizable to any shape to meet your creative needs.

Standard Event & Tour Laminates

Holographic Laminate

Holographic laminates provide a customized 3D look, even your ink colors will appear holographic. Numerous options are available including: one-sided, double-sided, variable data and UV ink.

Holographic Laminates

Platinum Laminate

The platinum laminate is the newest creation added to the Cube arsenal. Made with stainless steel and an endless array of cut outs, these lams make a serious impact. Bootlegging these? Not a chance!

Platinum Laminate Passes

Phantom Laminate

See what happens when someone says “do something different”? These laminates can be printed and/or foiled on a clear stock, that allows for a transparent look. To give your event a whole different feel, the see-through effect makes for a great security feature. Variable data can also be included on these credentials.

Phantom Laminate Passes

Kimcut Laminate

Named after our friend Kimmie. These are sheet laminated, cut to the edge of the art so there is no clear laminate border. Several shapes are available! Just ask to see our extensive catalog of templates. Our custom Kimcut laminates are created just like the standard, but in any shape imaginable. Trust us we know! Please note: A Custom die is required for this option.

Kimcut Laminate Passes