Cube’s triage wristbands are designed to assist medical professionals, hospital staff, emergency personnel, and screening/triage technicians to more efficiently process and organize potential patients and gather vital infection rate information during upcoming COVID-19 screenings and triage efforts. Our simple color coding system will allow personnel to easily identify patients at a glance via wristband color identification – examples currently being employed globally are red (critical) yellow (stable) and green (pass). Highly customizable, this product can be upgraded to suit more complex needs as they arise with technology such as barcoding for touchless screening and data collection, tear off number tags to track steps in the screening process, and numbering to record the counts of people processed via screening in a single day as well as overall. In these trying times Cube is here to provide ease and support for our community and our health and safety professionals. Please call or email today for further details and we look forward to assisting our clients in this global time of need.

Tyvek Triage Wristbands

Our most cost effective solution, durable and sweat proof these can be color coded and customized with up to two colors of print and pre-numbered for easy tracking.

Vinyl Triage 3 Tab Wristbands

Great for harsher conditions, long lasting and tough these bands are waterproof and can be worn for long periods of time. Single color customization available as well as tear off tabs which can be numbered or printed with simple short text to follow patients through steps of more lengthy or complex triage events.


Vinyl Triage Wristbands

These bands are made of durable yet comfortable vinyl with a snap closure. Like the Tyvek wristbands, these can be printed with your logos or design.

Full Color Tyvek Triage Wristbands

Great for more detailed design work with a wide range of color combinations for heightened security. These can also be customized with barcodes for touchless scanning and data collection as well as numbering and even photographs for personnel if needed.


For more information, please contact:

Karla Friscia

Sales/Resident Samurai
Call: (775) 823-9933