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2023-2024 Basketball Credential Request Form

This form is to request All Access Credentials for the 2023-2024 Pitt Basketball Season. Please contact Phil Racicot with any questions and concerns.

Credential Request

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Terms & Conditions

This working credential is issued to an approved agency ("Agency") for the sole purpose of providing access to an individual representative of the Agency ("Bearer") who has a legitimate working function (media or game service) in connection with the game for which this credential is issued ("Game"). This credential is non-transferable, is subject to all applicable rules and policies of the University of Pittsburgh and may be revoked at any time with or without cause. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the Bearer to ejection from the building, prosecution for criminal trespass and additional legal or other action, and subjects the Agency to revocation of credentials for future games or events.

Subject to all conditions described herein, this credential (if issued for a media function) authorizes the use, solely by the Agency and solely for news and editorial coverage of the Game, of the descriptions, accounts, photographs, films, audio or video recordings, or drawings of or relating to the Game (including, without limitation, any interviews, press conferences or other activities related to the Game) taken, made, created, or compiled by the Bearer (collectively, "Materials"). Materials may not be exploited by the Agency or Bearer for any purpose other than news and editorial use. Any other use or attempted use, including any distribution of Materials to third parties other than ultimate consumers (e.g., newspaper readers) at any time and for any purpose, is expressly prohibited, unless the Agency has obtained the prior written permission of the University for such other use. As between the Agency or the Representative and the University, the University is the exclusive owner of all copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights in its names, logos and uniformed designs, and in the Game and all materials (in any and all media) related thereto, except for Materials created solely by the Agency or Bearer (to the extent they do not incorporate materials owned by the University).

The Agency and Bearer agree that any Materials taking the form of film, video, or digital video recordings ("Video Materials") may only be used in connection with a regularly scheduled television newscast aired by the Agency within a seven-day period immediately following the Game, and further agree that the use of Video Materials from the Game in such newscasts shall not exceed three (3) minutes in length. Neither Agency nor Bearer shall transmit or display any video, audio, pictures, photographs or other non-text based accounts or descriptions of the Game in any media while the Game or the live presentation of the Game is in progress, except with the prior written permission of the University.

The Agency and Bearer hereby acknowledge that Bearer's sitting and/or positioning himself/herself near or within proximity of the playing surface of the Game covered hereby is inherently hazardous and may result in injury to Bearer and/or damage to Bearer's and/or Agency's property. Such injury or damage may be caused in whole or in part by flying projectiles (including but not limited to game balls) and/or physical contact with players, coaches, officials, or other participants in such Game. Examples of the dangers and risks of physical injury include, without limitation, abrasions, contusions and fractures, heart attack, and other injuries up to and including serious bodily impairment or loss of life.

The Agency and Bearer acknowledge that the University does not require Bearer to sit or position himself/herself at, near, or within proximity of any playing surface or to attend any Game and agree, as a condition of receipt of this credential, voluntarily to assume all risks and dangers associated therewith.

I accept these Terms & Conditions