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Local / Promotor / Venue Credential Request Form

Please complete ALL FIELDS of the following form to request Credential for Billy Joel / Stevie Nicks performances. Any open fields will delay processing of credential request. Request does not guarantee issuance of credential. If any questions or problems, contact Noel Rush at: noelrush@me.com or Tim Brockman at: tim@event360.com. We will respond as quickly as possible.

One Request form per individual.

All Credential Requests MUST include attached copy of individuals Vaccine Card.

Credential Request

Upload Credential Photo

If using mobile device to complete form, system will be able to utilize device camera. If using Laptop to complete form, image must be in your gallery as you will not be able to use laptop camera.

** PLEASE NOTE: When uploading a new image, please select the "Crop It" button when you are happy with your selection. If you need to edit your image, please click on the "Choose Image" button above and re-upload your photo. Image cropping and rotating is only available upon upload. **

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

THE FOLLOWING VACCINE INFORMATION IS REQUIRED! Cost of Vaccine and/or PCR test are responsibility of Requesting Party.

Select Vaccine Type. To Be considered fully Vaccinated, must show proof of vaccination within the past 6 months. If Latest dose older than 6 months, please provide proof of negative PCR test result withing 5 Days of show date.

Upload COVID Vaccination Card:

Please upload vaccine card showing most recent vaccination dose and your name or proof of negative PCR within 5 Days of show date if latest dose is older than 6 months. Please make sure image is clear and readable.