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University of Alabama at Birmingham

All-Sport Credential Request

Please fill out the following form in its entirety. You can fill this out individually or on behalf of any other members of your department.

By filling out this form you will be requesting an ALL-SPORT credential for the 2023-2024 UAB Athletic Season.

If you have any questions, contact Jonathan Hutchens: (205) 948-8028

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Credential Request

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Notice of Credential Use Conditions

UAB Athletics All-Sport Credential

This credential will give you access to all UAB Home Athletic Events. This credential should be worn and in sight at all times.

Your credential is your responsibility.

Working credentials are provided for the sole purpose of providing facility access to an accredited individual who has a legitimate working function. Credentials are not transferable. Violations of conditions will prompt revocation of this credential. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the bearer to ejection from the facility and prosecution for criminal trespass. UAB Athletics reserves the right to revoke all credentials and access for failure to follow these restrictions and all other UAB Athletics rules and regulations.

No guests are allowed to accompany the bearer of this credential without appropriate credentials and/or tickets.

I accept these Terms & Conditions