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Staff Credential Request Form

This is your opportunity to request credentials for the 2023-2024 athletic season.

In addition to the All-Sport season long photo credentials we've had in the past, NEW this year will also be a Football Only credential. This credential should be requested for staff members who will be working all home football games this season. Teammates working select games will need a game-by-game credential requested through mstehlik@uark.edu. Please note the All-Sport credential is not valid for use at football.

Many staff members will now have two credentials:

All-Sport (except football) which allows for access into a venue but does not guarantee a seat.

A football only credential which grants access to the stadium and the various areas within it to perform your gameday responsibilities. It doesn't guarantee a seat or grant access to premium areas for the purpose of consuming food and beverage, game tickets are required to receive those amenities.

Please complete this form in its entirety. Supervisors may fill it out for their entire team or send it out to teammates to be completed individually. For questions about the form, credential types, or any other credential-related questions, please contact Noah Mullens, nmullens@uark.edu. All requests will be reviewed upon receipt.

Remember, when you put a credential on you have now gone to work. Our fans recognize you as someone with information and responsible for the event.

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Credential Request

Please select the credential(s) that you would like to request. You may select one or both:

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Disclaimer: This credential is issued for the purpose of providing venue access to department staff who has a working function at a University of Arkansas (University) athletic event (Event).