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UKAD 2023-24

Rupp Arena Single Game Request Form

The request form below must be filled out completely for all individuals requesting single game credentials for events hosted at Rupp Arena. For single game parking needs, not tied to a credential, please complete this form, https://forms.office.com/r/YFiztDnAa0 or reach out to Ayanna Parker or Scott Geisinger. If you are requesting media credentials, please contact Evan Crane

As this is only a request form, please remember that the credential issued may differ in access level than requested. Should the Operations Department need more information pertaining to your request, we will reach out.

Credentials will be issued to working staff and authorized personnel only. The credential is only valid for the individual it has been assigned to and is not transferable. Credential access (even following issuance of the pass) is subject to any new SEC Policy for the 2023-2024 athletic season and can be revoked at any time.

Parking permits are granted to working staff for working purposes. Please specify if parking is needed for all games or only select games. All staff are asked to park in the periphery of lots, leaving the best available spots for our spectators. Parking will be distributed as a mobile permit, so it is important to have the correct email address for each person.

Zone/Restricted Access

Each area of Arena is granted access through the zone system. Bearers of credentials must have the correct zone designation to access each location. If you have any questions please email Ayanna Parker, ayanna.parker@uky.edu

Requesters Information
Credential Request

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