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Oregon State Athletics Football Single Game

Credential Request

Please submit the form below to request credentials for the 2024 Oregon State Beavers home football singe game passes. These requests are approved or denied based on the need for access for those working home football games. Your working purpose may change the type of credential you are approved for. Please contact Joey Morstein (joey.morstein@oregonstate.edu) with any questions.

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Credential Request

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Notice of Credential Use Conditions

Oregon State University Athletics requires the use of credentials to gain access to certain areas of Athletic venues during Athletic events. Credentials will be issued to individuals based upon need and access. Football events at Reser Stadium require the use of a specific Football Season credential or an All Sport All-Access or Working Access badge. Please be aware that credentials from other sports/venues will not provide access to Reser Stadium. All-Sport and Sport Specific credentials must be worn to access all Athletic facilities. Oregon State University reserves the right to deny/limit requested credentials. Single game credentials will be issued on as needed and requested basis. Single game credential requests for visiting teams, photographers, and media should be directed to the Associate Athletic Director for Athletic Communications. All other single game requested passes should be directed to the Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations

Credential Rules

  • Credential only grants access to the area indicated on your credential. Unauthorized access, improper use, or the passing of a credential is grounds for removal of credential and exclusion from the venue.
  • Credentials do not allow escorting of those who do not have credential for required areas. --- Pre-approved Oregon State University & Athletics Administration staff with escort privileges may escort up to 4 people at a given time, provided the Administrator is wearing their provided, appropriate credential and remains with the escorted guests at all times. Escorted guests that are no longer accompanied by the pre-approved administrator will be asked to vacate the restricted space.
  • Credentials must be worn at all times. If you lose your credential, please alert Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations immediately.
  • Do not argue with Event Staff regarding your credential access or level. If you believe you require additional access, please contact Assistant Director of Facilities and Operations.
  • Credentials are not tickets. You must have a ticket to occupy a seat in the venue.
  • If you have completed your working capacity for a given event, please remove your credential.
  • Staff wearing a credential will refrain from consumption of alcohol while wearing their badge. Any staff found in breach will have their credential removed for the remainder of the year and will be required to request game-to-game passes to achieve the working functions.
  • Field Level Access are reserved for those in working capacity. Due to space constraints, you may be asked to vacate these areas if not performing a direct work function
  • No one under the age of 18, unless performing a specific game day function and approved in advance, can be on the field level per PAC 12 rules while the game is in play.

I accept these Terms & Conditions