2017 Just a Bunch of Roadies

We joined Just a Bunch of Roadies (justabunchofroadies.org) for our second year doing some greater good and helping people who truly need it. Just a Bunch of Roadies involves music industry professionals in global humanitarian projects by utilizing their collective skills, assets, and relationships to quickly respond to critical needs worldwide.

While last year’s project was thought to be hard to top, we weren’t surprised to find this year’s project just as amazing and rewarding. Just a Bunch of Roadies partnered with the FIND Food Bank in Palm Springs, whose mission is to distribute 10+ Million pounds of food assistance annually to an average of 90,000 individuals each month.

We spent our afternoon separating, organizing, and packing pallets full of food and giving the facility a facelift with some painting and building work that needed to be finished. Together we quickly and efficiently clear two months’ worth of work in an outstanding 3 hours. This comes to an astonishing 60,000 lbs of food sorted, 900 individual meal bags packed for their community, a fence built, and painting accomplished. Not to mention the jokes, the laughter, and inspiration that took place while doing so. We truly are surrounded by an amazing group of people.

The fact of the matter is, 900 families were fed that day because of the hard work of some truly selfless and inspiring people.