A Hankering for Candy!



Candy bags, candy bags and more candy bags. In every CUBE package that is wrapped, taped and shipped with care, we include a bag of candy. In the summer months you’ll find those yummy treats that are tart and sweet, and in the winter you can expect chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Many of you already know this – and delight in opening your package then in tearing into a bag of sugary sweets. What we really wanted to know is HOW much candy we actually ship out. We have all thought about it but have never conducted a proper investigation into the matter. Our receptionist Maea so diligently packages those bags, but in a fleeting moment they are shipped away. So, we did the math and in a year we almost reached a ton. Yes, you read that correctly: roughly 1,700 lbs. of candy. We all can admit a few pounds of that candy is hiding in the drawers of our desk (or in our love handles).

You may have wondered how it all started. Why exactly did CUBE start including candy bags? It sort-of started as a joke with one of our long time clients and really good friends. When we sent him his credentials, we would gather random things around the office to send along. We even sent Xerox copies of our ears… weird stuff. Then it turned into random care packages; we sent bottles of Hershey’s syrup over to one of our clients in Europe because they couldn’t get it where they were. Then the requests came pouring in and all of our shenanigans led to candy. Unfortunately customs prevents our distribution of candy to our European clients- sorry guys! They are quite disappointed since candy is better than passes 9 times out of 10 🙂

1,700 lbs. really stood out to us, not just because we happen to ship a lot of candy, but that we also happen to have so many awesome clients. It may have started as a joke, a fun connection between us and a friend, but it turned into something really awesome. The bag of candy turned into the cherry on top of a sundae. It’s the special garnish on top of the hard work and preparation we put into your package.