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Geared to Perfection

Geared to Perfection


There are a lot of things the Cube family can agree on, and one of them is the importance of a good cup of coffee.

You may have heard the call ringing out at 2 o’clock off in the distance: “Coffee Time!”

It’s not just a morning thing for us, or even a 2 o’clock thing – from the crack of dawn until the fall of night our industrial sized coffee machine brews a special recipe for the engine oil (tar black and super thick) that keeps the Cube machine running smoothly.

Don’t get us wrong, some of our crew have more refined tastes when it comes to their idea of a perfect cuppa. Enter the array of supplemental devices lurking around the shop, which help keep everyone bright eyed, bushy, tailed, and ready to make some kick ass passes throughout the day. Whether it’s the well-used Aeropress in the break room drawer, a single cup percolator nestled in a safe corner of an office, a tray full of assorted containers from the local café, or a good old-fashioned Thermos of coveted home brew – as long as we’re caffeinated regularly and well – we’re a happy group.

Once a week our break room fridge is filled with approximately 13 gallons of creamer to doctor about 52 gallons of coffee. Fat free? Sugar free? All the fat and all sugar? You name it, we have it, and it lasts approximately 3 days before people are lining up outside of our creamer fairy’s office (yeah, we have a creamer fairy, it’s pretty awesome) begging for more of their favorite flavor. You like Vanilla Carmel with a splash of coffee? Sure thing!

So there you have it: black as night or sweet as sin, rest assured in knowing the Cubies are functioning on a continuous caffeine drip to make all your credentialing dreams come true.