Cube Services -13th Birthday

March 3rd was a big day for us here at Cube. Not only was it a busy and sunny Wednesday, it was a day of celebration; it was our 13th birthday!

In light of such a milestone, we took the time to chat with Mark and Steph and get the inside scoop on the beginning of Cube and the journey the last 13 years has taken them.

We held the interview in Steph’s office. It has the right ambiance to set the mood for such a formal interview. Mark of course plops on the fainting couch like a little kid.

OK. Let’s get started! This is Cubes 13th year open. In one word, describe how this makes you feel:

Steph: “Amazing!”

Mark: “Accomplished.”

Awesome. How did you both get started in this business?

Steph: “I actually started at T-Bird out of college.

Mark: “Let’s see.. I was out of college and interviewed at Perri Entertainment.”

When you opened Cube, how many people were working here?

Mark: “We were just talking about this… 6? I’d say 6 right?

Steph: “..I think so.”

Mark: “We were on used brown folding tables –“

Steph: “Plastic garden chairs..”

Mark: “..plastic garden chairs. Holding thousands of dollars of equipment.” (laughs)

Steph: “With our desks all connected.”

Mark: “Yeah no walls. Big open space like a bullpen.”

How big was the space?

Mark: “1400 sq feet.”

Steph: “Then Stanley got us professional chairs.”

Mark: He was trying to woo her – so he was doing it right.”

That’s your husband now right?

Steph: Yeah. He hooked up with David Evans and got us all professional chairs.”

Mark: “Yeah.. walked in and had some cool leather chairs. It was like.. ‘Daamn who is this guy?’” (They both laugh… well giggle)

What was the first year at cube like?

Steph: “I think it was off the charts. And very emotional.”

Emotional how?

Steph: “That we didn’t know so many people would bounce with us.”

Mark: “Yeah.. I would say for me personally there was a fear of starting a business and that fear quickly turned into fear of too much business – Because it was a landslide of people who were supporting us.. LANDSLIDE. It was.. it was insanity. Like they were waiting for it to happen.”

So how has Cube evolved over the years?

Steph: “I’d say its only gotten better.”

Mark: “Yeah, I mean every decision that’s been made, whether hard or good, it’s always bettered the company. We have had to make some serious hard decisions that have always turned out to be amazing for us. We have grown tremendously, but it’s always been the right steps.. adding the right people.”

Why do you think Cube has remained so successful?

Steph: “I would say our clients for sure.”

Mark: “Yeah –“

Steph: “Personal Friendships..”

Mark: “Yeah we’ve made friends rather than clients and I think it’s that we have fun. We’ve never – I don’t know, we’ve never “businessed” it. We’ve always had to put things in place, but its always been fun and I think it translates into our clients having fun with us and I think it’s a great relationship. It goes way beyond just the business part of it.”

What is your fondest memory of the last 13 years?

Steph: “They are all fond.”

Mark: “There’s so many.. I mean we have watched people get married, we’ve watched people have kids – One of my fondest memories was getting ordained so I could marry my partner to her man.. That was pretty awesome.”

Steph: “That was pretty badass actually.”

Mark: I don’t know – just forming relationships. I’ll always remember the luau we did with the roast pigs. Drinking and dancing luaus in the lawn..”

Steph: “The first year buying everyone Christmas presents… like BIG!

Mark: “That was fun. Actually having time to actually go out and shop individually for people.. it was really cool. That quickly turned into gift cards..” (they both laugh)

Awesome! That’s it for the interview. Any last words?

Steph: I would just say that we are blessed with the crew that we have and the clients we have and all the experiences of 13 years… and 13 isn’t an unlucky number!”