Employee Spotlight – George Dirlam

As we mentioned in previous posts, we have an outstanding crew here at Cube! Every single person has their own quirks and George is no exception.

Another one of our long timers and a man of very view words, it was a bit difficult to gather information on this silent fox. But what I found in his interview is that he is much more interesting than he leads on. Two topics really stood out; his passion for fitness, and his photography partnership with his daughter.

In his spare time, George writes many blogs about fitness, marketing, and other cool topics! One of his favorite blog segments was a pushup challenge he created for himself where he set a target number to accomplish in 4 months. He wrote about his progress daily and in turn, accomplished his goal of an outstanding 100,000 pushups! He has quite the fitness followers and continues to encourage and inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles!

In addition to blog writing, George enjoys photography, a hobby that both him and his daughter share. Not only do they share the same adoration for shooting photos, but they are both extremely talented! George enjoys shooting sunsets, landscapes, anything that peaks his interest, or clouds like the photo shown below. “Almost looks like I could hit a golf ball through the cloud.” He states. I think we can all agree that the photos are stunning.

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George Dirlam - Cloud on gold course.