Just a Bunch of Roadies/Service Project

When we think about the Tour Link Conference, the same vision comes to mind every time: Listening to hilarious stories and laughing with some of our dearest friends, the amazing production performance opening night (we still cannot figure out how it’s topped every year). This year was a bit different for us here at Cube. This year we wanted to be involved with something a little different…. Something more.

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding is a non profit organization offering services to special needs and disabled persons ranging from ages 3-93. Their mission is to give people with disabilities an empowering experience to explore the outdoors horse back riding with some of the most beautiful and kind horses in the Palm Springs area. It’s an outstanding organization and one that deserves the kind of support provided by Just a Bunch of Roadies® – an organization involving music industry professionals in global humanitarian projects.

Together, these outstanding music professionals embrace the talented skills they posses (you know, building the entire Superbowl stage in 10 minutes) and go above and beyond to insure that good is being done in this world. Their mission at Tour Link: give the Pegasus Ranch a well deserved face lift.

Of course when we got wind, we wanted in!

The experience was one that Ben, Mark, and their wonderful wives would never forget. Each and every one of the 70+ volunteers put so much hard work and pride into building fences, gutting out bathrooms, adding in therapy tables, painting, painting, and more painting; no job was too small.

Mark even mothered a baby Mohave Shovel-Nosed Snake that he found on the site! Of course with his childlike nature, he tried to figure out each and every way possible to take him home with him. Alas the moment came when reality set in and he had to set the little guy free.

As the construction grew to and end, we can all agree that the amount of work that was done in 1 day would have taken a grade A construction company two weeks at the very least to successfully accomplish. It really shows us how amazing these roadies and industry professionals are. Not only their amazing commitment to donating their time to make this world a better place, but also their impeccable talent and professionalism in making sure that the elaborate shows we have grown to love are produced in a timely fashion.

When we asked both Ben and Mark what their takeaways from this experience were, the same theme ran with both of them. It feels good to do good.

“Little things matter, and the opportunity to help people and do good is worth it!” –Ben

“Seeing the amazement on their faces when the end product was presented – the absolute appreciation – that was worth it all!” – Mark

For more information on the two AMAZING organizations mentioned in this post, please follow he provided links!



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