Tradition with a side of Bacon



Friday Breakfast!

Here at CUBE we end every week with catered breakfast. We pass around a menu from a restaurant in town, and everyone chooses a meal to their hearts content – Eggs Bene with extra avocado please! Friday, usually around 9:00 the food arrives and the frenzy begins. To-go cups of syrup, gravy and hollandaise are stacked to the ceiling, and an array of hot sauces cover the counter. After everyone gathers their food, plastic ware and coffee, something incredible happens… peace and quiet. With employees stuffing their happy faces, you’ll find the only time during the week when there is the slightest pause in production. The presses may still be running, but there’s at least a minute or two of complete serenity.

We have had some pretty awesome breakfasts here, and we always find ways to top the best. We have had a “Toast-a-palooza” featuring 10 different types of bread with an array of jams and spreads (the sign still displayed prominently in the break room), freshly baked build your own waffle bar, pizza-sized boxes full of pancakes and everything in-between. There are many mom-and-pop’s that go above and beyond to make sure our food is cooked to perfection and that their “World’s Best Country Gravy” is served hot.

We know that catered breakfast isn’t something new, however it is so coveted here at CUBE. Friday breakfast is not only another way for our bosses to thank us for all the hard work we do, but it is an opportunity for our little CUBE family to come together even for a brief moment at the end of every week.