Melissa Hemenway – Retirement

There are certain pinnacle moments in any person’s life. Love, marriage, kids, and RETIREMENT. Today, we are excited and heartbroken at the same time to see one of our very own head her way into the depths of freedom and travel with her husband; a goal we are all striving to reach.

Melissa has only been at Cube for 3 years, but the stamp she leaves will never be forgotten! She is consistently such a positive and uplifting spirit that will be greatly missed roaming around the shop. Her stories are always full of excitement as she reminisces the good days of her younger self. The vibrancy is not lost though; she really is a free spirit!

One of her fondest memories here at Cube was of course one of the many pranks pulled around the shop involving some of our pressman and the new guy Ryan:

“..I walked up and they were in the process of telling Ryan that if you held your hand over the ink you could feel the warmth from it.  I placed my hand over the sheet and said it felt warm. Then Ryan placed his hand over the ink and James hit his and and it landed on the ink.  He had warm red ink all over his hand.  He took it well saying it was his initiation to the company.  I said next time look for the plate stretcher or the half tone dots.  Tricks you play on newbies.”

To conclude, I want to end this article with great advice stated by Melissa herself.

“Find a job that is satisfying and rewarding. You have to look forward to going to work every day, otherwise – why beat yourself up?”


Melissa Hemenway Retirement


Polaroid A700 picture.

Polaroid A700 picture.

Polaroid A700 picture.