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  • 2017 Just a Bunch of Roadies

    We joined Just a Bunch of Roadies (justabunchofroadies.org) for our second year doing some greater good and helping people who truly need it. Just a Bunch of Roadies involves music industry professionals in global humanitarian projects by utilizing their collective skills, assets, and relationships to quickly respond to critical needs worldwide. While last year’s project […]

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  • Employee Spotlight – Jeff King

    A man of many talents, Jeff King is another one of our long time employees with an even longer list of hobbies and talents. Jeff plays the guitar and drums, snowboards, brews his own beer, and (random fact) can move both of his ears independently! In his spare time, Jeff enjoys camping with his friends […]

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  • Employee Spotlight – George Dirlam

    As we mentioned in previous posts, we have an outstanding crew here at Cube! Every single person has their own quirks and George is no exception. Another one of our long timers and a man of very view words, it was a bit difficult to gather information on this silent fox. But what I found […]

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  • Cube Services -13th Birthday

    March 3rd was a big day for us here at Cube. Not only was it a busy and sunny Wednesday, it was a day of celebration; it was our 13th birthday! In light of such a milestone, we took the time to chat with Mark and Steph and get the inside scoop on the beginning […]

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