Custom Foil Stamping

Using the most up-to-date stamping method, your credentials, parking passes and tickets can have added security with the use of foil. Foils come in many varieties including regular, matte, pearlescent, patterned, holographic, clear and more.


Holo “Delographic” Lams

Using our special “Delographic” printing process, even your ink colors will appear holographic.

Delographic Holo Laminates

Rubin Void

Our new Rubin Void paper adds an extra security feature in the fight against counterfeiters. These passes are printed on a special paper that is embedded with a VOID screen. Any photo copy made of the original will show up with VOID across it.



Standard Holo Dots

These little beauties are more than just dots. Use them to validate personnel, dressing room access or to keep your credentials secure. They are available in broken glass, glitter and plain (rainbow) holographic patterns. We can customize these to any color or graphic too! Just ask.


UV Printing

Add an extra dimension of security to your credentials using UV Ink. Barely visible to the naked eye, the ink comes alive when flashed by a black light.
It is extremely difficult to duplicate – making it a great option for your anti counterfeiting needs.