Cord Lanyards

The industry standard, our lanyards are made with the highest quality hardware available. We stock black, red and blue, but can get alternative colors as well.

Cord Lanyards


Lace Lanyards

A different option for neckwear, these lanyards come in a wide array of colors with different holding attachments. This is not a stock item – please allow for a minimum 10 day lead time.

Lace Lanyards

Top Shelf Lanyards

The high end lanyard with detachable ends gives you easy access to your goods. Three different options give you versatility to fit your needs.

Top Self Lanyards

Custom Lanyards

Silk screening, sublimation, and embroidery are all special options to custom lanyards, as well as a variety of hardware options. This is a great way to showcase your name or sponsors.

Custom Lanyards