Standard Luggage Tags

Bright and vibrant colors, large visible numbers, and of course your return address printed on the reverse side. Cube’s luggage tags are laminated with a rigid 10 mil encapsulation and topped off with a rugged, black coated brass grommet and luggage loops.

Standard Lug Tags

Colors Lug Tags

We have conveniently numbered our Astrobright paper colors so you can easily place your order.

Rome Luggage Tags

We take pride in our ability to design far beyond your expectations. Why not take that design through your entire pass system? Cube’s art team can even work a theme into your luggage tags.

Rome Lug Tags

 Jaeger Luggage Tags

Do you want your luggage tags a little bit spiffy, but need them right now? We keep patterned luggage tags in stock, ready to go.

Jaeger Lug Tags

Kim Cut Luggage Tags

We love to have fun with bag tags too! These creative options and shapes make the simplest tag amazing. (Made with the same process as our Kim-Cut lams)

Kim Cut Lug Tags