RFID Chips

The “Radio Frequency Identification” chip can store and send data to a main location by way of proximity readers. These readers can be used by staff or stand alone units, much like a metal detector. RFID is one of the newest forms of security/trade show analysis to move its way into the entertainment world. Keeping track of “ins & outs,” all data is stored in a computer for you to analyze.

RIFD Chips

Barcoding and Numbering

We commonly use ITF or code 128 bar codes, but can adapt to other options as well. Numbering can accommodate the bar code or be used separately in any fashion you wish. We also generate custom QR codes.



Photos and Personalization

Adding names, companies, affiliations, designation areas, anything to personalize a credential to your specific needs. Just provide us with your Excel, Word, FileMaker or any other database you may have (even a handwritten sheet) and we’ll take care of the rest. Custom Hard Card Credentials