Bart Haly

Bart Haly

Creative Department

Overseas Concept Developer

“Can I speak to Bob…. you know the guy with the accent”… “Bob?” If you have ever tried to speak to Bob you have actually spoken to me!

I grew up in London and then moved to Reno for a girl in early 2003 after a chance meeting on a bike riding mission to the West Coast. Flash forward 10 or so years and we packed up our home and relocated back to the UK. After working for Cube for all that time, there was no way I could leave my Cube family behind so I’m now Cube’s first official Foreign Correspondent.

Here’s the list part in which I try and describe myself with the things I like:

• The Wife and two naughty Daughters, two smelly Miniature Dachshunds and a cat that can fetch bottle caps.
• Bikes of all sizes, although I have not ridden one seriously in 10 years!
• Music needs to be loud as I’m pretty much deaf now.
• Swiss, that’s for the designers… K.I.S.S.
• History of all types; the older the better.
• Youngtimers cars
• Dinosaurs
• London
• Vintage Ercol furniture
• Errol Morris documentaries
• Lego
• Breakfast for all meals and it better come with toast!
• Dachshunds again!!!!!
and if there’s a podcast that encompasses all of these topics, please let me know.

Things I hate:

• Spiders

And just so you know, Bob speaks both American & British English.