Ben Locke

Sales Department

Sales Representative

I’ve lived in Nevada my entire life, spending my 33+ years between Reno and Carson City.  I graduated from UNR with a BS in BA…or maybe it was a BA in BS. Either way, I have a piece of paper with my name on it. I completed my MA in Strategy & Organizational Leadership, which comes in handy when the board games come out…I WILL WIN.

I am the husband to 1 and father of 4 = an always fun and exciting, never quiet home environment. We have chickens and would like to one day live the farm life…not like the real farm life, but the almost real farm life.

I love the great outdoors and the great indoors = life is awesome. I like to build stuff. I wish I had a different guitar for each day of the week. I may be the next great coffee roaster.

As far as CUBE…

• It’s easy to be successful when you’re surrounded by the best.
• I love most of my job.
• Coffee time is at 3pm everyday.
• I sometimes sell things that we don’t make…yet = necessity is the mother of invention.  Sorry guys.
• I think my coworkers like my wife more than they like me. She bakes stuff…and she’s cute.