Chris Holland



I am known for my keen sense of style & wardrobe choices. If not for CUBE I would surely be at the forefront of World Championship Cat herding, to say the least.

Shorts and flip flops are to be worn 365 days a year, pants only come in one color: CAMO, and my collection of hats is a close second to Steph’s shoes.

The great outdoors gets lots of my attention.  I’m a big fan of Pyromania (The Album too).  I’m a camp fire’s best friend. I like to break stuff, therefore my wife insures everything.  I like to mechanic and tinker on just about anything…….mostly the stuff I break.

As a 10 year employee of CUBE I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. The people here are the most amazing, fun, and unique as anywhere. That’s what makes CUBE the family we are.