Shannon Cook

Prepress Department


I grew up in the East Bay, I studied Interior Design at the Fashion Institute, in The City where I excelled at drinking. I did so well I decided to see how my skills would compare to the those of San Diego. Unfortunately there was no money in drinking and luckily I got the opportunity to learn graphics from a well respected comic artist. After a while I moved to Reno where I worked beside Mark and Steph (and many others from CUBE). Back to San Diego I went to work for my old teacher then went on to design bobbleheads, t-shirts, coolers, lapel pins and such for the Padres and other sports teams. It wasn’t long before I found myself in Knoxville where I was the single designer at a small print shop then designed booze signs for a beverage wholesaler, I did roller derby and found myself in the Smoky Mountains, hiking, every chance I could get. My story ends here back in Reno with my true work family. When Mark gave me the chance to work with these people again I couldn’t say no. They are home, they are family.

Now I am close to my biological family and the forest I grew up loving. I spend as much of my spare time at either place with my dog Lily.

Tee’s, Jeans, Keens, Dogs, Family, Friends, Hiking, Road Trips, Porch Drinking.