Mark McKinnon


Vice President

It’s all about roots… I remember what we came from: brown folding tables and plastic lawn chairs… the cheapest furniture we could find to hold our brand new computer equipment. There was nothing like it, a brand new adventure with all of the fear. Today I look at the strides we made together to build the best company in the world. Even though we are the best and biggest, we’ve never let it go to our heads, that kind of pride is not an option. We will never have an auto attendant phone system… that’s a promise. I believe it portrays that we don’t have the time for such menial tasks as answering the phone. We are, and do, get very very busy, but not too busy to pick up the phone and talk.

This company is filled with real humans who take an honest and healthy pride in what they do. I believe that it’s Stephanie’s and my job to nourish a healthy atmosphere where our co-workers can excel personally and corporately. We have a collective passion here, not generically, but a real passion that is the driving force of this company’s success. We are all individual parts of a larger body, it cannot function with faulty or missing parts. Each person brings a unique quality to the overall and that diversity is exactly what makes Cube so amazing.

Oh, the personal side of myself… My family is everything to me. They keep me grounded and show me many times what’s important. It’s sad that I need constant reminding, but I need constant reminding.

I am an unashamed shoe man. I love shoes, socks too really. The brighter and more crazy, the better. I’m fairly certain that my shoe/sock collection rival Stephanie’s.