Don Piatt

Production Department

Product Refiner Lead

I grew up in Kansas where home was “camping” in the woods and dinner was shoplifted. The only thing I had to bring to show and tell was my mother’s peg leg (don’t worry… the principal returned it). Mom did the best she could, I had five dads growing up – how cool is that. The camping ended when I was old enough to get a job. Glad to be out of the woods, and not at risk of finding another dead body, life was turning round. I married a wholesome county girl and started a family. We raised two boys together, I went fishing on weekends, played in the church band and worked hard to support my family.

After my wife tried to kill me in my sleep I had to make a change – I got in my beloved Jeep Liberty and headed west. The kids were already adults, I knew they would be fine. The lure of Reno was too strong to pass and I had to settle there. After a brief dip the local dating pool, I met my now wife and started over, with a daughter this time. Things are going well (she hasn’t tried to kill me yet).

I have been working my whole career in printing and bring a lot of knowledge and experience to CUBE. This is basically my dream job – they pay me with food (no more shoplifting dinner). I am practically guaranteed at least one good meal a week. Combine that with not working in a literal sweatshop with a manager blowing cigarette smoke in my face and I am on cloud 9.