Karla Friscia

Sales Department

Sales/Resident Samurai

I’ve been working at Cube for over 5 years but it feels like 5 seconds, probably a common symptom of working with friends that are family and family that are friends. Speaking of friends, my bestie is a chubby black Schnauzer with a distinctive hop, extensive wardrobe, and razor sharp gums (watch out, boy, he’ll get ya).  I missed my calling as a circus performer but I still like to do ill-advised-death- defying stunts in my free time, especially if there is Irish whiskey involved.  With a little more time and effort I’m sure I could still make an excellent tattooed lady. Obsessed with collecting sparkly rocks, vegetarian cookery, hair dye (the redder the better) and the color black. And despite what you may have heard, MY sock collection is more amazing and unique of any other at Cube, unrivaled really, though my shoe closet will never ever live up to Stephanie’s…