Kyle Powning

Web Engineering

Senior Director of Web Engineering

So the story is told!

August 1979, two lovely individuals had a dream, a plan (at least I like to think) OR possibly more like a strong sexual drive to conceive an individual. An individual you ask? Not just any individual, but a man! Nine short months later, their invention was born. May 1980 a handsome, intellectual, responsible, authoritative, clean-cut, athletic, good-looking, personable, smooth, suave, fashionable, smart, admirable, robust, noble and majestic human being took his first breath of air. Time stopped and it was that moment, when this flawless creation was to be named, “Kyle Powning”. Years went by and Kyle became more and more irresistible by wooing the young female ladies. High School 1996, Kyle was in a tragic vehicle accident. Unfortunately, Kyle was dead, but even a higher power knew it wasn’t time. How can something this perfect be taken so early you say? Well, calm down! I’m still here! Let me finish the story. Kyle was legally deceased for a few minutes, possibly seconds, but a hero much like himself thankfully revived him. Kyle’s mission was not yet full-filled, there was much more for him to accomplish in life. Summer 1997, while Kyle was being allured with numerous female courtships, just one succeeded in a capture. Early December 2004, Kyle married this young, beautiful, charming, cute, dazzling, delightful, magnificent, pleasing, unbelievable Yerington, Nevada grown woman named, “Heather”. Heather knew that Kyle was a man of action and so it was then, Kyle bought Heather her first puppy. Heather was also a woman of action so in return, she bought Kyle a puppy a few months later as well. Which is true! But that wasn’t enough and shortly after, in October 2006 a handsome son was born (Wyatt). Then again, in October 2008 a beautiful daughter (Lily). Again, your probably thinking that both children were born in October, just two years apart! Yes, this is true. Seems like February or Valentines day in general is a pretty popular day on the calendar.

Kyle was an entrepreneur for awhile. Owned and operated a granite fabrication shop in Reno, Nevada for over 5 years while designing and developing websites & web applications on the side since high school. July 2009, Kyle & Heather had to close down the granite shop. The economy in Reno tanked and Kyle went back to being a subcontractor for numerous companies in Northern Nevada developing and designing websites. March 2013, Kyle received an amazing opportunity that would allow him to spread his wings.

Thus a peacock was released and the story, designing & development continues…

Fun Facts about Kyle Powning:

  • High School: Robert McQueen High School – Graduated 1998.
  • College: University of Nevada Reno – Studied Community Health Science.
  • Likes Sushi!
  • Self-taught PHP, MYSQL, CSS, HTML, Jquery and Javascript Web Developer.
  • Likes Hunting, Fishing, Rock Crawling and Camping.
  • Had a Vasectomy –> OUCH 🙂