Tony Ochoa

Tony Ochoa

IT Department

IT Director

Just one of the Three Old Men that were Cube’s first staff! And even then had history with Mark and Steph going back back back… to the mists of time when men were men, and women were men, & dinosaurs roamed the earth; seriously, I can prove that because we had a Risograph!

There was a time when I could name every Mac model ever made, sadly, that obscure talent is gone. I can still identify a 50’s through 60’s VW bug by looking at the tail lights, though.

I have a passion for geocaching with my buddies in the back hills of the Virginia range that tends to get me in trouble. Jeeps rule. Pro tip: Don’t break an axle. It’s hard to field repair. And wild mustangs really, really can’t be broken and ridden back to civilization.

Crosswords are a blessing and a curse to me. I do the NYT every day – no matter how long it takes! It WILL get done! And also other various other Xwords to the tune of 30-35 a week. It’s not an obsession. Nah, I can quit any time….

I’m grateful for all the friends I have made because of this job, both inside and outside these walls. They are as much family to me as my own beloved clan (who also consider them family). To them all, I give this advice – semper ubi sub ubi, and make sure it’s clean, too.